1. August 19th, 2014


    "Well, I’m jaded. I’ve faced every situation for many years with a certain naiveté and innocence. But I’ve somehow become a cynic. Cynicism is a good thing to have on the outside, but it’s a terrible thing to have on the inside. All I ever wanted, ever, was to make rock music. Whether it was in the back of a Camaro smoking pot and listening to Journey with some guy who was trying to make out with me, or whether it was the first time I heard the Pretenders. Fuck, Chrissie Hynde really saved me, you know, because she manifested it. She was a pragmatist. Pragmatism or drugs. And drug-influenced songs are great, I agree. But I write songs that are clean. Songs that come from here." Love slugs her heart.

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    untouched photos of kate moss for molton brown

    shit , my self esteem died

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    Natalie Portman by Naomi Kaltman 1996

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    Agnes Toth's Fragmented Paintings

    Saatchi Art, Facebook

    You might notice that English painter Agnes Toth’s work looks incomplete. Although logic entices us to notice the missing links, Toth’s techinque aspires to find the threshold between abstract and figurative painting. Her colorful, intentionally half-finished, realistic paintings are the result.

    Toth began to create these incomplete paintings in 2008. This method gave her a sense of freedom — the possibility to not feel obligated to fill in the canvas from one corner to the other. The incompleteness of her work also derives from her life philosophy, one that aims towards working and living at a slower pace. “This is what I aim to achieve with my paintings,” she says, “to get back to that harmony and contemplation, to celebrate beauty and serenity.” For Toth, one of the purposes of painting is a meditation exercise, one that requires full concentration on her creative intentions.

    In a sense, her pieces provide the viewer with the possibility to become more contemplative. In trying to take everything in, we get lost in the various colorful, fragmented pieces in the hope of somehow putting it all back together. 

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  6. August 19th, 2014


     The Mondongo Art Group  Beautifully Works, dripped Plasticine Portraits

    on Facebook 

    The Mondongo art group is composed of three talented artists named Juliana Laffitte, Manuel Mendanha and Agustina Picasso.

    This show marks yet another radical excursion into the possibilities of pushing sculpture in new directions. This series of constructed floats or expansive assemblages has a clear relation to a carnivalesque spirit but, at the same time, is also full of their characteristic appropriated imagery and acid social comment.

    'Mondongo' has resorted to the fairy story on other occasions as a means of presenting an allegory of Argentinean society, picking up on the moral content of the Victorian children’s story but subverting it through classic postmodern strategies: irony and appropriation. One of their earlier series dealt with an endlessly multiplied Red Riding Hood who wandered the parks and Japanese gardens of the city escaping and perhaps provoking the threats of a lecherous male world. Their work always cuts and comments, parodies and imagines. On this occasion Manuel Mendanha and Juliana Lafitte have turned to a blending of two classic fairy stories: Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Both figures are emblematic of white purity and innocence and, as such, easy victims of postmodern irony. Juliana herself serves as a model for this figure.

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  7. August 19th, 2014


    Kelly Blevins Drawings

    Artist on Tumblr, Facebook

    Kelly Blevins is an artist based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who creates metamorphic illustrations with charcoal.

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    Maude White Paperwork

    on Pinterest

    Maude is the owner of the paper art and handmade felt jewelry company Brave Bird Paperwork & Jewelry.  She feels that her paper work is strongly influenced by such great illustrators as Maxfield Parrish, Arthur Rackham and Gustave Dore. Her paper illustrations have been featured in the New York City based fine arts magazine Carrier Pigeon. She has work from the current issue of Carrier Pigeon on display in Downtown Manhattan.

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     Spectacular Self-portrait by  David Whittaker

    David Whittaker was born in Cornwall in 1964. and is currently based in Newquay. He is self-taught, has exhibited widely and won the first prize at The National Open Art Competition in 2011.

    via Millennium. He is self taught. Most of his works are based around the loose form of the human head and it’s metaphysical core. Ambiguous non specific portraits, walking a high wire perfectly balanced between states of calm and conflict, confidence and nervousness, hopes and fears, conscious and subconscious, male and female. They are innately, universally human.

    There is a suggestion of the powerful and inescapable link between Whittaker and his art  that both live through each other and that the paintings unmask and reveal a true identity. This identity is ambiguous, internal and ephemeral, our own warren to explore, but where some the tunnels remain blocked consciously or unconsciously. Through art these tunnels can be accessed.

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    broccoli floret crowns are better than flower crowns

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